Welcome to Little Bear and University Preschools

Our early childhood educational programs are designed to cultivate the overall growth and development of children through sound educational experiences. We believe that play is the work of children. Our fundamental belief that children learn best through meaningful play is reflected in our child-centered program which supports, encourages, and inspires each child. Instilling a love for learning for a lifetime is at the heart of our programs.

We celebrate each child’s unique interests, abilities, and learning styles. Likewise, we understand that children develop uniquely and pass through stages differently. Our goal is to help your child reach her/his full potential. While our emphasis is on children, we realize that family involvement is extremely important, and we encourage it.

Our staff of early childhood educators are passionate about teaching. The teachers work together to create a rich and exciting environment for children to be comfortable, trust, play, explore, and discover. Teachers plan activities which engage children to participate, learn, and most importantly, to have fun.